Best Nootropics for Weight Loss

Using Nootropics for Weight Loss

Finding an effective supplement for weight loss is no easy task, especially with loads of unhealthy options lining any supermarket or gas station.  Nootropics, however, are classified as such for their general purported abilities while also being generally regarded as safe for human consumption (within the FDA’s established daily values of course). Finding a nootropic that works well for weight loss without effecting too many other attributes of life is perhaps one of the hardest tasks, as not many nootropics exist for this purpose as is. Fortunately, there is one nootropic which does a fabulous job in the weight loss department, with little to no side effects.

Weight Loss

Top Nootropic for Weight Loss

Nootropics are notorious for their efficacy across several purposes; but in terms of weight loss, one nootropic stands out above the rest.



Ashwagandha is packed with antioxidants which are well-known to help with weight reduction (Choudhary et al., 2017). The herb has stood out in several, recent clinical trials and studies for its ability to aide in body weight management, even in the most critical cases (heavier weights and obesity).  It is a natural solution for individuals looking to manage their weight with destressing properties which also help an individual steer clear of overeating (2017). In fact, it is one of the most popular herbs for helping people manage stress-related weight gain (Hudson, 2016). The plant has the literal ability to reduce food cravings (2016), making it the top NooFiles choice when it comes to picking a nootropic for weight loss.

Last Tips When Using Ashwagandha for Weight Loss

The nootropic Ashwagandha is one of the most versatile nootropic herbs available.  The plant has many uses, and it is important to understand them all before introducing it to your nootropic stack or diet.  For example, while Ashwagandha helps with weight Loss, it also helps with fertility, boosting immune function, improving cognitive function, and many other things as well.  Adding this nootropic to a daily regimen will offer more benefits than just weight loss.  Regardless, it is a powerful herb, and one that can be relied upon as effective!

A Note From NooFiles

This article is intended to be used for information only.  We want to remind you that consulting your physician is recommended before adding any dietary supplement of any kind to your daily regimen.


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