The Pirate Botanicals Affiliate Program

One of the Internet’s Greatest Niche Affiliate Programs

Looking to monetize your website, social media page, youtube channel or blog? Want to make some money while also promoting products that can help your audience get more out of life? Pirate Botanicals offers one of the best niche affiliate programs online. Pirate Botanicals Affiliates earn 25 percent of lifetime sales from any customers they bring aboard! That’s one of the best affiliate deals out there!

Do you feel your target audience may enjoy our products? If so, we would love to hear from you! To apply to be an affiliate, please email us at or reach out through our contact page.

Affiliate Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Products Will I Be Able to Sell?

Pirate Botanicals offers cognitive enhancer and natural nootropic supplements. The products we sell are available in our store. All affiliates earn 25 percent of all lifetime sales of any kind generated from customers they bring aboard. This includes all of our dietary supplements and available Pirate attire. To see a full list of the supplements and products we offer, visit the Pirate Botanicals Store.

Q: How Do I Track My Sales and Ensure I Get Credit for my Leads?

Every affiliate is given access to their own custom dashboard, as the Pirate Botanicals Affiliate program works through ecwid and LeadDyno. LeadDyno is one of the best affiliate program management tools available, and allows near-real time updates on your earnings. You will be able to track everything from this dashboard and see how well you are doing for yourself (as well as how much you are getting paid).

Q: What Are the Restrictions for Selling Pirate Botanicals Products as an Affiliate?

We do provide a number of resources for our affiliates (banners, links, images, etc.), and we have a number of landing pages for our affiliates to experiment with. These pages include our Science and Ingredients section, our Supplement Selector Tool, and our Pirate Botanicals Official Blog. We do allow creativity on the affiliate end, in terms of innovating banners, messages and content; however, we do require affiliates get approval on any affiliate-generated content intended to sell Pirate Botanicals products.

Q: How Often Do Affiliates Get Paid?

Affiliates get paid out weekly.

Q: Who Can Sign Up?

Anyone can apply for the Pirate Botanicals Affiliate Program. We select affiliates based on related industry, social and web reach, and reputation.

Q: How Do I Apply to be a Pirate Botanicals Affiliate?

Signing up is simple. Email us with links to your content and we will check you out! You can also use our contact form if you prefer (click here). After we have determined you match our industry and interests, we can set you up with your own affiliate dashboard right away!

Join The Pirate Botanicals Team

As a parting note, we’d like to suggest you reach out to us if you have any sort of channel or website at all. No matter how big or small your reach or influence may be, we are still interested in growing and would love to consider you! Many affiliates who join the Pirate Botanicals team have found being a Pirate with us pays much better than other affiliate programs!


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